Wednesday, February 9, 2011

BOAS - The story so far

In 1986 a student at Canterbury University was given the task of designing a superhero. Strange task, but that is another story. This student was of course Peter Jordan. Peter had a friend who wanted him to adopt his design, BOAS. Peter accepted the offer and his task was to develop a history of how BOAS came to be. This history had his friends in fits of laughter from the start to the finish.

Of course I wanted to develop this history into more than just 7 extremely long pages of type. Now after the successful release of my book IVRRAC I have decided to release BOAS 1 - The Beginning. Michael Vercoe the creator of the BOAS design has agreed to the release so it is now full ahead in writing the 5th draft (it has been a while) of BOAS.

This blog will follow the progress as the 5th draft is developed and then edited and then continue announcing the releases and price changes of the published versions.

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