Sunday, February 13, 2011

11,093 Words

It has been a slow weekend for the word count. But I had a good run tonight in between making the bed (I mean actually making the bed, drilling holes and bolting up the supports etc.)

But I have managed to get through the slump that this particular scene created. I am now on Chapter 7 which is where the story starts to really come out on its own.

Today's Quote (Please remember that this is a very rough stage and there has been no editing at all. It will be smoothed before publication.)

“What part’s that?” Michael asked quite perplexed.
“You know,” Sally stopped, and realised it was not a good idea to continue, it might lead to hours of explanation, “Just the part I should have listened to mum and totally avoided.”
“Well perhaps if you chop that bit off everything else will work.”
“I don’t think that would sit very well with Mark,” Sally was now almost laughing, “or should I say Mark wouldn’t sit very well....."

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