Thursday, February 10, 2011

10,116 Words

Yes I have broken the 10 thousand barrier! I have re-edited chapters 1 to 5 correcting a few issues that were discovered last night. I am on Chapter 6 and after a slight stall as draft #4 is a bit iffy at this point so I had to start writing anew and get the same message across. So far it is flowing a lot better.

Favourite Text for today: (This is rough unedited text and will be a lot smoother in release)

"Hang on." Michael bounded into the car and pressed a button, "Nine Forty Five and thirty three point two three seconds. It' a quarter to ten, " Michael started singing, "and there's no one in the place except you and me."

"That's a quarter to three you idiot." Came the terse reply below.

Michael looked carefully at the car's readout, "No, a quarter to ten. This clock is reset every microsecond to satellite time, it is accurate to the nano-second...."

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