Monday, February 14, 2011

12,131 words

Getting into the exciting stuff now. Michael is about to introduce one of the main characters and the first murder is very near. The worlds will be flowing by the thousands soon as the story heats up.

Excerpt for the day - (Please note this is a very rough version, it will be smoothed out by the time pf publication)

“Oh, yes, okay. Anything you say dear. I am sorry I ate your egg.”
“for being a selfish idiot and using me to further you own ambitions.”
“for being a selfish guy and using me to further, sorry and using you to further my own ambitions. I am very sorry Sally.”
“Thank you Mark, I do really love you, you know that.”
“Yes I do. I knew we could overcome this speed bump. Oh while I’m on the phone can you tell me where you put your sewing scissors? I have to cut some wires and I don’t want to damage my office pair.”

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