Wednesday, February 9, 2011

9582 Words

I am now at 9528 words, the target is at least 100,000. The good news is that I have not even got as far as the first murder yet, so it is looking promising. I have covered the flash back chapters which have made their way to the start so are no longer flashbacks and thus set the story and allow the reader to guess who dunnit without too much difficulty. The problem is that I reached 9000 words two days ago, but my paid work has caused me to slow down, plus too much time spent at Al's place and the like (See Amazon Customer Discussions).

Each day I will pick out my favourite sentence that does not give the story away. Please remember this is text from a non-grammar and non-plot edited version so it is pretty rough. It will be all polished up before it reaches the Kindle shelves.

“Your weight is fine Sally.” Mark said in a quieter voice, “Besides, I love big behinds, you know that.”

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