Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Long Awaited Update

Hi All

No, I have not got more writing done. I have now got more paid work and am facing exams next week (so this has to be brief).

I have decided with all the continuous quakes in Christchurch it will be a hard task to work out what the powers that be will decide to build in its place. Thus I have come to the difficult decision to write about a Christchurch that may never exist in reality, rather than try to predict (and most probably fail) what the new Christchurch will be.

The only other solution would be to hold off publication date for four years until all has settled and the result is obvious. This of course is not really an option.

That BOAS takes place in a parallel universe to ours it is reasonable that the Christchurch of BOAS is not the same as the Christchurch of our world. BOAS takes place in 2020 and the Christchurch of BOAS did suffer earthquakes nine years previously and even a great fire (top secret that bit).

Another point is that, since next semester I am only studying one paper, I have also decided I will set aside time for BOAS writing. So hopefully the novel can be finished before 2011 finishes, and early enough for my editors to edit the copy as well.

So plan on having more regular updates in a few weeks.



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